What are Counselling & Hypnotherapry?


Counselling is an approach that will involve you talking about what you would like to change. Sessions are 50 minutes long and the amount of sessions you need may be between 6 and 12. Counselling really suits people who enjoy talking. They see talking as an outlet for their unwanted behaviours. It can be really helpful to understand why we behave in the way that we do. We will meet on a weekly basis until you decide you are ready to end counselling. Counselling isn’t a directive therapy. This means that I will talk at your pace, I won’t be giving advice and I won’t lead you to talk about something you aren’t comfortable talking about. As you begin to uncover different things about your life, you may experience clarity and confidence in yourself as a person. I will reflect back to you what I hear within our sessions and notice patterns in your language and behaviours. This is how counselling works, by hearing a different perspective and recognising how we function as individuals.


Hypnotherapy works by using your very powerful imagination which is also known as your sub-conscious mind. It works effectively with people who are very relaxed. Did you know that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis? This means that you are in control at all times. You won’t be asleep. You will still have awareness. Some say it feels a lot like daydreaming. Throughout our life we have downloaded thoughts, opinions, behaviours and sometimes phobias that are no longer helpful. With hypnotherapy, we can reverse these effects using the power of your sub-conscious mind. You will be seated and I will play hypnotic music as I talk to you and you begin to relax. When you are completely relaxed, I will make suggestions that will help you with the necessary changes in your life. You will find these helpful and it will allow you to make changes within your life at a speed that is comfortable and acceptable to you.


Hypnotherapy is not to be confused with stage hypnosis. That is a different type of hypnosis that has no therapeutic value.

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