"I can do ANYTHING " - Hypnotherapy Client

"My jaw no longer aches after hypnotherapy for teeth grinding" - Hypnotherapy Client

"I’m more and more assertive in my day-to-day life. I can feel myself standing up for myself without effort" - Hypnotherapy Client

Our Testimonials

Please do take the time to read our feedback, quotes have been anonymised  to protect our client's confidentiality. 

"Thank you so much. I am so grateful" - Hypnotherapy Client

"An amazing counsellor. Paula provided me with a safe environment to openly explore my feelings and issues. She's incredibly in tune and listens deeply to everything that's said - I'm well on my journey back to being a strong and capable person thanks to Paula's expertise. A genuine thank-you from me. You helped me so much" - Hypnotherapy Client

"After turning to counselling for the very first time, it’s shown me there is no need to judge yourself, answer to others or be scared to express your feelings. You are you. Sometimes it takes talking to a professional to show your heart and your mind what really is important and how perfectly normal you actually are" -Client #1

"Thank you so much for all your help and for listening to me" -Client #2

"Counselling has really changed my life" -Client #3

"A lot of thinking has been done and it has made me understand myself better. YOU ARE AN AMAZING COUNSELLOR. I learnt and got a lot from you. I am lucky that I got you as my counsellor" -Client #4

"Big thank you for this morning’s session. Staff has said “informative”, “interesting” and “went from training, to an anxious client and explained the symptoms were all normal”. Feels less anxious about myself. Staff left training feeling inspired" -Drug Treatment Team, Deacon House, Leeds.