About Me

Helping people is my passion. I love working with someone who has made that leap to change his or her life. It can be a difficult decision to look inward and see something we would like to amend. It takes courage and a desire to live life differently. As a human being you deserve to be satisfied and fulfilled. Working together, we can make all those desires a reality.

Anything you dream about can become your actuality. We can decide together how we can work with each other. The feeling of achievement and accomplishment you will feel once you know you are being your authentic self will push you onwards with confidence. People who know and love you will notice these changes. They will be happy for you when they see that you are happy.

I am a dual professional which means I can work with you via a counselling approach or we can use hypnotherapy. Together we will complete a comprehensive assessment where you get to say all the things you would like to change. You will be able to focus on positive moments of your life and really capture those uplifting feelings. Once this assessment has been completed we will decide which therapy you would prefer. You are in control at all times.